In the early 21st century, the robopoem was created as a new form of poetry. This type of poem is written by a computer and is designed to be read aloud. The first robopoem was created in 2001 by a computer program called Jabberwocky.

Since its creation, the robopoem has become a popular form of poetry. Many poets have created robopoems, and the poems have been published in anthologies and online.

The robopoem is typically composed of short, rhyming lines that are designed to be read aloud. The poems are often humorous and light-hearted, and they often explore the relationship between humans and technology.

The robopoem has been praised for its unique form and its ability to create a new type of poetry. Critics have noted that the poems are often nonsensical, but they are also entertaining and fun to read.


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